CP Army League: Legend Nominees

Hello everyone, after the fall of CP Online I figured it was time to keep this chapter of history in the books. I would like to say it’s been crazy that CP Armies is still somehow standing strong.
There’s been many bumpy roads and paths that every person in the army community had to face, and only legends live to tell these stories.
A little bit ago we ventured out to collect the community opinion on who should be a CP Army Legend.

Here’s your list of nominations that the community came up with.
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CP ARMY LEAGUE: TOP TEN [5/17/20 – 5/24/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – After many Club Penguin Private Servers have been striked by DMCAs by Disney, we saw the army community being impacted drastically with many armies shutting down. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week!

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Mangoes of CP Enter the Community

Slushy, CP Army League HQ – As the crumbling of many armies has come in recent weeks, a new fruity one emerges from the ashes. Read more to learn about the creation of Mangoes of Club Penguin.
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SWAT Returns To The Community

OUTBACK, Former SWAT capital – After a controversial merge a week ago with the Doritos, SWAT has come back under the new leadership of Sophy Bee, Izzy, and Fast. Many troops who disagreed with the merge and wanted their home back have decided to support the return of their beloved army. Read more to find out more about the return!

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Animal Kingdom Adds New Leader to the Pack

SABERTOOTH, Animal Kingdom Capital: During the past week, Animal Kingdom has undergone many changes within their staff. Animal Kingdom saw legends such as Clifford, and Canadian retiring from their leading positions this past week.

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Sun Troops gets Defaced!

Note: This is a developing Story, More Updates will be added soon.

ICICLE, Sun Troop’s Nation- During the recent tensions of war between Sun Troops, HOB, Elites, and Royals. Today at around 9 am EST, the Sun Troops ran into trouble when their website and discord were defaced by Anonymous Personnel. As of now, the site is advertised with the Penguin Defense Force’s Discord Link. Continue reading

One Direction Army Declares War Against Golden Troops

BOBSLED, ODA Captial – The One Direction Army is at war with the Golden Troops. Read more below to find out about what was behind this declaration of war.

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The Aliens Return to Their Outer World

SLUSHY – CPAL HQ – The Aliens of CPR have decided to shut down. This long-time standing army has finally closed its doors, announced by leader Spotty. Aliens was quite the legendary army, read more about their shutdown here. Continue reading

The Badboy Wars

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – As SWAT recently merged into the Doritos, many changes have already arisen both within the Doritos and the rest of the community. One of the most important changes was Badboy’s position change to the leader of the Doritos. Continuing his issues with IW from the NDA/IW war prior, Badboy quickly looked for another conflict, declaring war on the Pirates taking the server Winter Land on Saturday, only to give it back, sign a treaty and work together to both take down the Ice Warriors with new Pirates leaders, Agent 11, Regan, & Madhav2 now at the helm. Read on to find out more about this very confusing, and still developing story.

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How Much Has Club Penguin Online’s Closure Impacted Armies?

SLUSHY, Sweater’s Office – After the controversial closure of “Club Penguin Online”, many people have wondered – what will happen to our little community? Will armies die, and what’s next? Finally, just little under two weeks after the closure we finally have answers. Read on to find out just what’s happened to our little community, and my personal opinion on the future.

Note: This is an “editorial,” essentially saying that this is my opinion. This post does not represent the views of the Club Penguin: Army League staff, Board of Directors, or anybody who isn’t myself. 

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The Ice Warriors Conundrum

Note: This is a developing story.
Update 1: Agent 11, Madhav and a few members of the IW HCOM leave the Ice Warriors at 10:09pm CST.
Update 2: Regan announces his retirement from Ice Warriors at 3:02PM EST.

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